“The Treadmill of Consumption” by Thomas Frank

James A. Roberts states, “As long as consumers attempt to signal their social power through conspicuous consumption, the levels requires to make a visible statements of power will continue to rise (Roberts 124), People are never satisfied with what they have and everyone these days correlate the amount of what one owns with social stats saying/representing “we have made it” in a world that never seems to understand the value of morals.

James A. Roberts declares,” Pursuing materialistic ideas is a competitor and comparative process- hence  expression “keeping up with the Joneses. And today, with daily twenty-four/seven media coverage of the lifestyle of the rich and famous, our competition is no longer limits our neighborhood.”(Robert 125), if comparing ourselves to the people around us was not enough but now everyone competing with people much more weather then us and on top of that it is all over media, which means it is impossible to escape from people are constantly having to purches unnecessary clothes and expensive majority of the people round them. I d not understand what drives people to want to be or become better that everyone else by acquiring the latest items and new releases.


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